Our guide to accepting your 'other' proposal!

After lots and lots of research, let’s say you’ve booked a consultation with one of your preferred florists. Hooray!



During the initial consultation you’ll discuss your budget, the types of floral arrangements and installation pieces you only dream of. Particular attention will be paid to your wedding theme, personal style and your favourite flowers – of course! Pictures are more telling than words so take along your inspiration boards, fabric swatches, pictures of your dress and the bridesmaids dresses. Most importantly, make sure to map out YOUR vision, it is your wedding after all!

So now you’ve talked about your flowery dreams, your florist will draft a proposal. Don’t worry, they won’t ask to marry you. Instead, they will produce an all-inclusive, itemised list of everything they plan to use to bring your vision to life.

Here’s what might be included:

·       Contact details from both parties

·       Date, time and location of your wedding ceremony and reception

·       A breakdown of costs per arrangement which may include but not limited to:
Design Fee
Flower cost
Sundry cost

·       VAT

·       Equipment hire cost

·       Set up fee

·       Delivery charge

·       Labour costs for any hired staff

·       Refreshments on the day

·       Total amount and deposit amount

·       Payment schedule

·       Cancellation policy

Please bare in mind that every florist works differently and proposals will differ.

When you receive your proposal, make sure to read it thoroughly and voice your concerns (if any). It’s the perfect time to make changes to your budget, to the logistics or any design element. Don’t forget to ask if there are any hidden charges as some may add these to your final invoice.

Always be honest with the florist, work with them and believe in their abilities. Make sure you are completely satisfied with the proposal before making it official.

Once you’re happy, the proposal will be made into a formal contract that you will have to sign. You don’t have to sign it straight away so take time to look over it and make any final revisions before you commit. With that being said, you have to remember that there are only a limited number of days in the year where florists can offer their services (and we all know these are predominately over the weekend). Therefore, it is important to make your decision in a timely manner otherwise your top choice florist could book out another wedding and you’ll be back to square one. Flowers are one of your largest expenses and main décor elements so be sure to get a fantastic florist.