2019 Floral Trends

Getting hitched in 2019?

  • Still umming and ahing about your flower choices?

  • Having a little difficultly deciding on your colour scheme?

  • Feeling emotional because your being so indecisive and everyone is just telling you to just hurry up and make a decision already?

  • In need of a little direction?

 I think you need to read this straightforward guide to the 2019 floral wedding trends.

 Trend number one

 The environmentally conscious one

 Sourcing flowers and foliage from local flower farmers to reduce carbon footprint is hot on the agenda.

Did you know? Our floral designs are predominately influenced by the ever-changing seasons. 
We focus on sourcing British flowers for you because they are naturally charismatic, beautiful and have that ‘just-picked’ freshness which make them our favourite. If you want to make the planet greener, reduce emissions and support flower farmers, this is the way to go!

 Gone are the days of using floral foam. The shift in change is to adopt the ‘free from foam’ dialog.

Did you know? It is used because it is extremely useful to create floral elements of any size and it soaks up the water to improve the longevity of the blooms. However, the foam has a longevity of its own. If it is not disposed of correctly, it can potentially have adverse effects on the environment because it contains toxic ingredients. Unfortunately, it’s not biodegradable as its main components are plastic and we all know that takes hundreds of years to break down.  So, this year if you want to adopt this approach and stay in trend, why not go for a mixture of bud vases and footed urn arrangements to adorn your tables.

Psss… Footed urn arrangements can be created using only chicken wire, floristry tape, water – and of course the blooms.

Definitely ask us about pricing for bud vases, trust us, they are definitely the 2019 rage!

Trend number 2

 The contemporary one

Do you dare to stay in trend by picking from the pantone colours of the year; mango mojito, fajita red and living coral.

Did you know? If you want to get your guests jaws to drop, steer away from the usual wedding flower aesthetic and choose 3 – 5 hues in the same family line for your colour scheme.

 Trend 3

 The colour popping one

 This trend is inspired by nature and, as such, it’s definitely taking centre stage. You’ll see pops of fuchsia, Irish blue and primrose yellow.

Did you know? Choose light coloured or wispy foliage as a contrasting element amongst your bright and vivid flowers to achieve this desired look.

 Cost-effective flowers to use are carnations … a flower which is often overlooked as antiquated.

 Trend 4

 The sparkle and shine one

‘This celestial trend has gained momentum’ (Carlson, 2019) and takes magical vibes and sparkles to the next level. Now, is the perfect time to consider Silver Brunia berries, Dusty Miller and Senecio within your floral arrangements. We can also use floral spray paints and glitters to make your floral arrangement sparkle and shine.

Did you know? a collection of our floral arrangements have consisted in a diverse mixture of materials and details such as flush velvet, sparking diamantes and lavish silk – another alternative to stay in trend this year.

 Come on, who does not love shimmer!

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 References are taken from the 2019 Wedding Trend Report