How I became a florist...

Dreams turn a reality for one half of Yves & Yaro… 

My mum, (the other half to Yves & Yaro) dreamt of pursuing a career in floristry and it came true! (of course it did – she wouldn’t be here telling her story otherwise) but, in the words of a Yorkshire spokesperson it took some ‘grafting’.

Its short and its sweet – its my mum’s little “about me blurb”.

Over to you mum.

Hi i’m Yvonne.

I’m not an extravert like Shauner, I find it very difficult talking about myself never mind writing about myself.

The last time I was asked to complete said task was when I was taking my O levels in 1987.
Oh my, I feel ancient.

However, I love reflecting on my adolescence because it was largely spent walking to any destination the allured me. My journeys involved hiking through the fields in the surrounds of Yorkshire. Come winter, I would squelch through the mud. Come summer, I would handpick the blossomed daisies to make a chain to wear around my neck. The changes of seasons excited me and what always remained was that sweet daze of smell. And that was that, my love for flowers and foliage became infinite.

Working with flowers has been a self-taught hobby in its entirety. Expensive you say? Not at all. My mother actually had her own floristry shop, and this had its advantages – as you can imagine.

Curating floral elements ignited my creative flair and I became a “self-diagnosed’ artist in floristry.
But, for decades this was only ever a hobby.

For 20 years I was a landlady for a public house.
The customers heavily supported my artistic drive which welcomed the opportunity to showcase my talents through small weddings, bouquet deliveries, event flowers, condolence arrangements, funeral flowers and shop window displays.

I never once thought that I could have a career in floristry. I was happy and content with it being just a hobby. But my children are wise, they had a vision - that I would succeed, and, thus encouraged me to chase after my dream.

And so, Yves & Yaro was born.

My role is taking a lead on all floral design.
Planning, sketching and creating pieces of art.

Shauner (the other half of Yves & Yaro) made all of this possible. Without her, I would not be where I am today. I am incredibly lucky.
“Okay mum quit it, you’re making me blush” said Shauner.

Our name.

Choosing a name to reflect our brand and us as individuals was quite difficult. I really liked ‘daisy chain’ (hence the blurb at the start) but that didn’t reflect the strong mother and daughter duo that we are.
Countless hot beverages, Google and sleepless nights became the norm and then it suddenly dawned (no pun intended).

A related name to Yvonne is Yves.
And child translated is Yaro.
Defining Yves & Yaro is actually very simple. It just means Yvonne & Child.

And within the blink of an eye, you’ve read all about me.

Of course I skipped a few chapters in my life but when you are choosing a wedding florist I know that you don’t want to know all my nitty gritty details.

But… if you have any other burning questions about me, pop them in the comments box below.

Thank you for reading.