The life of a wedding supplier...

So you want to get to know us do you?

Earlier this week, you voted for this week’s blog to be about… us.

Now, I must say I am absolutely thrilled.
I always find it a pleasure to talk about myself.
Yvonne on the other hand – not so much.
Yvonne (my mother and the lady who creates your bespoke floral elements) is a lot more reserved when it comes to talking about herself. Which is why, our blog today will just be about me.

Please note: This is simply because she’s not had the chance to finish writing, not because I’m stealing the limelight. Or am I? No no I couldn’t possibly.

To be truthful though, if we combined what we both wanted to say in one blog post – it would be long-winded so, we have decided to post another blog about Yvonne in the latter of this week.

If you’ve decided to continue reading, I thank you.

So here are a few facts about me…  (Shauner).

I was born in Boston, Lincolnshire, but I was made in the Royal Navy.
Just kidding, I’ve just always wanted to use that one liner.

I moved Barnsley, South Yorkshire, when I was 7ish.
Since then, I’ve been living with the stigma of pouncing Barnsley like “BARRRRRRNSLEEEEEEEEEEYY”.
This is not true.

Skip a few years and we end up at secondary school.
I think it was at this point in my life that I decided I wanted something to do with weddings.
Probably why I assumed the prom was my actually wedding?


Then I started college and instead of actually going and getting an education, me and my friend decided it was more beneficial to go on the sunbeds and get a tan.

At 18 I had little qualifications. I didn’t mind of course because I was working. Earning a living you know. Spending all my money on what appears to be new hair styles?


 I worked in retail and hospitality for six longggggg years and gradually worked my way up to a (lo and behold) supervisor! I couldn’t seem to get past this point though. The setbacks made me realise I wanted to do more for myself.

I’ve always been a determined individual.
I have worked as a housekeeper for a public house since I was 15 and to this day, I still commit to doing this on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
I’ve created productions and even stared as the lead role in a play called Nancy.
Award winning actress right here.
Obviously, I must credit the other producers - my cousins, Hayley and Jessica.


Anyhow, it was time for me to enrol back at college and attain some GSCE’s – which I did.
I then enrolled to an Access to Higher Education college and then gracefully ended up at University.

I spent four years commuting from Barnsley to Nottingham studying how to be a teacher.
If you are at all interested in pursuing such career path, let me tell you, education cannot prepare you.

Let me fast forward to present dayish..
For three and a bit years I have worked as a teacher within the Further Education sector (FYI it’s college).
I educate students to become Early Years teachers.
I have a section in my brain that stores my student’s funniest moments.
I have only ever had two days absence and that’s because I scrubbed my skin with Domestos. I needed to remove my fake tan so it could be reapplied evenly Jeeze!
Since that moment I commit to buying Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser.

I am very passionate about my role as a teacher which is why I choose:

·      To commute 107 miles a day, 5 days a week.

·      Put in ridiculous amounts of overtime – last year alone I calculated 520hours.

·      Work from home almost every weekend.


·      The list goes on.

Believe it or not though, in this job I’ve never reached self-actualisation.
So in 2016 I decided I wanted to be a Youtube sensation. Haha.
As you may have gathered – this never ‘took off’. The clips were never even uploaded; I felt so humiliated!
Although, I have shown my friends the video footage and they were very supportive and keen for my success.


In 2017 however, I took a more realistic approach* to life and that’s when we launched Yves & Yaro.
I’m not going into detail about how Yves & Yaro was formed because that will be in Yvonne’s blog but, in a nut shell I have gave my mum the courage to chase her dream.

So, whilst being a full-time teacher, a housekeeper, a mother to Hugie (my dog) and a fiancé – I return from work every evening, sit down at my desk and begin my work for Yves & Yaro.

I take the lead on all things ‘businessy’. I handle enquiries, consult with clients, create quotes and proposals, manage our accounts, liaise with vendors and suppliers, organise marketing activities, analyse website data and continuously engage in webinars, podcasts and business meetings. This list is not exhaustive but hopefully it gives you a brief insight into my evening role. Which is not at all possible without my better half.

With all this going on, I would have thought that my life would be fulfilled but… I hadn’t yet reached that self-actualisation stage.

In the latter of 2018, I knew I wanted to get more hands on involved with Yves & Yaro and so I enrolled onto a wedding and events styling and design course and have been completing this under the radar. 
It therefore gives me great pleasure to tell you that we will be expanding Yves & Yaro this year by offering luxury styling design and floral design.
I still have a tiny bit of training to complete and a website to update before we launch this so just keep WATCHING this SPACE.

And there you have it - my life in a nut shell.



* I’m not saying that everyone on Youtube doesn’t take a realistic approach – it’s just a realistic approach to my life.