A - Z guide to your wedding flowers

Next stop: the flowers.

Here’s our guide to everything you need to know and consider when sorting out your wedding flowers.

A is for…

You’ve scouted their social media platforms and you’ve found ‘the one’. 

Now is the time to get in touch with your preferred florist to ask if they are available on your wedding day.

“We pride ourselves on providing a seamless service to all our clients and therefore we only commit to one wedding per day”

The most popular time to get married is on a weekend during the summer months - and - since there are only 52 weekends within the year and only 14 weekends of summer, we would advise you to make enquiries at least a year in advance to avoid disappointment.

B is for…

How much should you budget for your wedding flowers?
Allocate 10 – 15% of your overall wedding budget.
But if you are looking for Pinterest worthy, fine art, lush designs, consider 20 – 25%.
Most couples spend between £2500 - £6500.

C is for…

It’s the norm to make a handful of enquires to florists.
We totally get that! You’ll start to make your comparisons and ask yourself questions.
One of my personal faves - “why is there a difference in floral costs?”

 It can be difficult to comprehend and here is why…

  • We all have different qualifications, skills, abilities and experiences that set us apart.

  • We source our flowers and materials from different suppliers.

  • Some have overheads.

  • Some are online based.

  • And most importantly, we all use different business strategies.

We cannot comment on their pricing, only ours.

D is for…

We all have doubts about one thing or another but don’t doubt your florist.
Choose a florist who specialises in weddings because they are experts in this field.
And, always ALWAYS believe in their abilities.
Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable experiences for you and your loved one and they appreciate that you have chosen them.

E is for…

When you make the time to consider this fundamental aspect of your wedding, our advice is simple.
Enjoy the experience.
Try not to get anxious about minor details and delegate some jobs to trusted friends or family members.
We know that you might not have everything figured out and let us tell you this, it is okay!
We have little strategies to help you in your decision making.

F is for…
Flowers and foliage

We’re going to be honest, choosing your flowers and foliage for your wedding day is tough!
Here is a quick list to things you’ve to consider:

  • Type

  • Size

  • Scent

  • Colour


  • Practicality

G is for…
Going Green

Sourcing flowers and foliage from local flower farmers to reduce your carbon footprint is on hot on the agenda.
Ask your florist to source British flowers for you to help make the planet greener and reduce emissions.
British grown flowers are naturally charismatic, beautiful and have that ‘just picked’ freshness which makes them our favourite.
Whenever the seasons allow, we source from our three fabulous Yorkshire flower farmers.

H is for…

Before any impulsive decision is made, read the florist’s Terms and Conditions.
If you are satisfied, be sure to sign them and return as a matter of urgency.
You are bound by these terms so all you have to do then is honour them

I is for…

Flowers give your guests first hand sensory experiences which allows them to become fully immersed in your wedding.
The scent of your flowers is just one key component that can make your guests senses tingle.

J is for…

We’re jumping onto the next letter because we are running out of ideas.
(Just kidding, we’re giving you a rest – there are 16 letters to go).

K is for…

Maybe you don’t know exactly what you your wedding flowers to be like?
Maybe you know exactly what you want?
Maybe you are a little in-between?

Your florist will be able to create or strengthen your concept to help make all your flowery dreams come true.
Just ask them how.

L is for…

Look up and follow the florists on social media to receive their latest news and updates.

 Instagram Facebook

M is for…
Meetings / Consultations

To those whom aren’t social beings, these are scary words!
But don’t let them be.

They do not always have to be face-to-face.
Meetings can be held over the phone or even via Skype.
Just ask your preferred florist.

In the first instance, we offer a discovery call via Skype.
It is just an informal chat to get to know you better and go through things in more detail.

N is for…

When you are searching for your preferred florist, what is it you look for?A florist who has a large social following?
A florist who has been in magazines?
If you answered yes, why is it you look for those things?

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Did you know that the numbers on a social media account does not equal how many customers that supplier has had! Crazy to think of it this way isn’t it. Their number means that they are incredibly lucky and have ‘got out there’!

We launched in 2017 but did you know, we’ve been around a lot longer! You just didn’t know it. We have worked in the floristry business for decades - it’s just not been in the wedding and events sector and not under Yves and Yaro.

O is for…

When you begin your search for a florist enquire about their financial options available.
We totally get why you would think that suppliers require your payments in large amounts (it is because it is not promoted) but we urge you to ask about payment plans.
Within our terms and conditions, we offer our clients the option to pay in instalments.

P is for…

Planning for your flowers at an early stage can be daunting – I get it!
But don’t you want everything to be perfect?
Leaving your flowers to the last minute can be catastrophic for a number of reasons.

Here is our top three:

1)          you might not be able to find a florist available for your wedding day so you go into panic mode.

2)           you might find a florist available but they don’t specialise in weddings so they haven’t contemplated the scope of the entire endeavour.

3)          the florist cannot source desired flower.

We know you have other big decisions to make but even if you start planning the small details – you are making progress.

We would advise that you start by making a list of the flowers you love and the flowers you don’t like.

Q is for…

Questions are key! FACT!

Make sure you have plenty lined up when you are making your enquiries.
Alternatively, regularly check socials to see if your preferred florist is holding any live Q&A sessions.
It’s a fabulous way to ask as many questions as you like without feeling like you are being irritating.

R is for…

Pretty obvious but do your research.
Spend some quality time researching florists and ‘get to know them’.

Find out:
Who they are, where they cover and what makes them right for you.

We believe in establishing a relationship built on trust and equally, we want to like you and we want you to like us. After all, we work with you throughout the entire process - from the initial consultation right up to your wedding day. Deep down, I know you wouldn’t want to work with ‘just anybody’ would you?! I know that you want to choose a florist who you believe can encapsulate your vision and execute it perfectly.

S is for…

Want to know if the flower you love is in season for your wedding?

Let’s say your favourite flower is a Sweet pea.
It is sweetly scented and beautifully quaint.   
The Sweet pea made its appearance at the royal wedding in May 2018.
More specifically, within Meghan Markle’s bridal bouquet.
So, the Duchess of Sussex chose the Sweet pea because it flowers within the spring.

Let’s guess, you also have another favourite?
Get our free seasonal flower guide today and save time searching for every flower in GOOGLE!

T is for…

 You want a supplier you can trust right?
When searching for your preferred florist, make sure you look at their testimonials and find out what their clients have said about them.

Have a look on their social media accounts as well as their webpage.
Take a look at some of our testimonials. 

“Thank you both soooooo much. The flowers were a million times better than I’d ever imagined. You’re unbelievably good at what you do and I’m so glad we chose you.”


 “I would highly recommend Yves and Yaro for any weddings or events. The bouquets and flower crowns they made were fantastic. Walking down the aisle I was amazed by their designs. I especially impressed with the alter arrangement they had created, it truly was perfect. Thank you for all your hard work and effort that went into making the day even more special!”

 “OMG, OMG you two did amazing! Thank you so so much! You were perfect throughout and WOW what a transformation to the venue. It looked amazing! I can’t thank you enough for making our day so beautiful and so perfect”

U is for…

Sometimes, wedding flowers can often be categorised as simple and mushroom looking.
You know, very neat and round.
That is not a bad thing either, but wouldn’t you like to steer away from the usual wedding aesthetic?

We believe that your floral arrangements should be bespoke, exquisite, individual pieces that showcase your love story and personality.
Choose a florist who you believe can encapsulate your vision and execute it perfectly.

V is for…

A florist is not just someone who just ‘throws a bunch of flowers together’.

A florist is…a designer, marketer, accountant and a sales consultant. They are web developers and social media managers. Shoppers, shippers and a customer service support department.

Value your florist because they value you.

W is for…

Pinterest is a great place to start looking for inspiration but more often than not, you find yourself faced with a challenge.
You WANT what they have.
You WANT their ‘hand tied bridal bouquet’ to be an exact replica of YOUR ‘hand tied bridal bouquet’.
Note: all florists have their own techniques, their own style and their own way.
Asking them to reinvent what you have seen can be very difficult.
Besides, don’t you want to lead the way with a unique bouquet?
This will be a sure- fire way to get your guests heads turning and jaws dropping.  

X is for…

Go beyond just flowers.

Have you thought about incorporating additional high-quality materials so your floral elements go above and beyond the norm?
A collection of our floral arrangements have consisted in a diverse mixture of materials and details such as flush velvet, sparkling diamantes and lavish silk.

Y is for…
Yves and Yaro

We are a mother, daughter duo named Yvonne and Shauner.
We create bespoke floral designs which range from wedding arrangements, corporate arrangements and installation pieces.
We use our creative flair to inspire and develop our unique style.
With a keen eye for asymmetry and imbalance, our amble free-flowing arrangements are combined with vibrant splashes and sprawling foilage.
We like to think of our work as bold, extravagant and rich in colour.
Our floristry services are within the Yorkshire regions, but we will happily travel further fields within the United Kingdom.
Please contact us for more information.

Z is for…

AKA sleep.

We think you are due a little cat nap after all that reading right?
Go on, treat yourself.  

Shauner and Yvonne