Ten Top Tips for DIY Table Centrepieces

So you want to know what it takes to plan, design and create your floral centrepieces?

This blog is for you if….

You fancy the challenge?


You want to save on costs?


You want to be the curator of your flowery dreams?


You are willing to take on advice?


You are ready to read?



Okay… these are the DOs and Don’ts you need to know!


First top tip

Opt for a variety of centrepiece designs when you have over 60 guests seated at your wedding breakfast.


The idea of having a variety of centrepieces makes it more visually appealing for your guests as they get to see something new, something a little more dynamic when they look at the table next to them.


Second top tip

Don’t block your guest’s sightline.


I don’t think they would appreciate having a conversation with a plant.

Your centrepieces need to be enjoyed by your guests, so we advise your low styled centrepieces to be 15inch maximum and your high centrepieces to be over 24inches.

Third top tip

Do be aware of the flowers that are in season.


When you are dreaming up your floral designs, you want to incorporate flowers you know you can definitely source for your wedding day. Our advice… don’t set your heart on a flower you may not be able to have because you’ll be unhappy and have to start back at square one.

We’ve got a FREE seasonal flower chart available for download to help you make those very important decisions.


Fourth top tip 

Do choose your vessels carefully.


The size and shape of a vessel dictates the way your floral arrangement will look and, the way the flowers interact with other elements on your tables. Once your vessel is arranged with flowers and placed, it should form a relationship with your entire table scape.


Fifth top tip

Do not use heavily scented flowers.


Whilst the idea of filling a room with heavenly scented flowers seems a good thing, our 5 senses are all connected and unfortunately, negatively impacts on the way our food tastes.


Sixth top tip

Do choose robust flowers for any arrangement outside of water.


Some flowers wilt when water is absent, and this can be really damaging for your professional photographs. You want a flower that appears bloomed for its entire duration of use.


Seventh top tip

Don’t use delicate, meadow like flowers in large centrepieces.


You want your large floral arrangements to have an impact. You want them to have the Xfactor, oh no wait, sorry, the WOW factor. Little delicate flowers will get lost amongst the foliage so make sure you choose flowers with large heads.   


Eight top tip

Don’t be universal.


Don’t rely on Pinterest to be your only source for inspiration. Plan your own designs because your guests will go crazy over something bespoke.


Ninth top tip

Do buy the recommended tools to create your floral centrepieces.


You want your floral arrangements to look professional, not like a craft project. Floral scissors are designed to cut through stems without fraying or crushing them. The use of floral scissors prevents bacteria growing within stems and keeps your flowers hydrated. For more information on florist tools read this. 


Tenth top tip

Do create floral centrepieces that can be enjoyed by your guests.


First hand sensory experiences will allow them to become fully immersed in your wedding and thats essentially your overall aim right?

Make your guests remember your wedding day forever.

Make your wedding day something to talk about.

make your wedding day enjoyable.

Make it with Yves & Yaro’s top tips.



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