Are we available for your wedding in 2019?

Want to know what dates we are free in 2019 to help make your floral dreams come true?

If you asked me to post our availability a year ago, my stomach would have churned.

I used to find myself comparing Yves and Yaro to other florist businesses; reading how many bookings they have for that year, the year after and the year after that. I used to think ‘why is that not us! Why don’t we have bookings climbing out our eyeballs’ (figuratively speaking of course). It just felt… demoralising because we work hard!  I’ve never been a pessimistic person – far from it! So, this really was an awful feeling for me.

 However, after listening to numerous podcasts and vlogs, attending webinars and reading my perspective has changed.

So, with a fresh mindset and ready to roar I’m here to tell you this…

  •  I am honest in telling you I did feel awful BUT… (and this is a huge but), I have never been unappreciative. I count my lucky stars for every couple who want Yves and Yaro to help make their flowery dreams come true. Every single couple we have met has made us feel proud of what we do. Take a look at some of our testimonials. 

“Thank you both soooooo much. The flowers were a million times better than I’d ever imagined. You’re unbelievably good at what you do and I’m so glad we chose you.”


 “I would highly recommend Yves and Yaro for any weddings or events. The bouquets and flower crowns they made were fantastic. Walking down the aisle I was amazed by their designs. I especially impressed with the alter arrangement they had created, it truly was perfect. Thank you for all your hard work and effort that went into making the day even more special!”

 “OMG, OMG you two did amazing! Thank you so so much! You were perfect throughout and WOW what a transformation to the venue. It looked amazing! I can’t thank you enough for making our day so beautiful and so perfect”

How incredible are these ey!

  •  Our business is not largely established (we know that). But then again, it depends what you define as ‘established’. I think in our industry it definitely means ‘Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest worthy’ would you agree? But I’ll let you in on a little secret. Did you know that the numbers on a social media account does not equal how many customers that supplier has had! Crazy to think of it this way isn’t it. Their number means that they are incredibly lucky and have ‘got out there’! You may have seen them in blogs, on television, maybe in magazines or on the radio and that’s how you have found them. If you want to help other couples find us, don’t forget to like our Instagram page and our Facebook page

  •  Yves and Yaro was launched in 2017 but did you know, we’ve been around a lot longer! You just didn’t know it. Ahhh brainwave – I will do a post about this for you! In the meantime however, you must know that we have worked in the floristry business for decades - it’s just not been in the wedding and events sector.

  • We have bookings for 2019, 2020 with people who we want to work with. Almost too often suppliers just want bookings to make them pennies (and I mean, I know we’ve got to make a living) but we get to choose if we want to work with you. We believe in establishing a relationship built on trust and equally, we want to like you and we want you to like us. After all, we work with you throughout the entire process - from the initial consultation right up to your wedding day. Deep down, I know you wouldn’t want to work with ‘just anybody’ would you?! I know that you want to choose a florist who you believe can encapsulate your vision and execute it perfectly.

 So there you have it, stomach no longer churns. I have learnt through experience that there is a silver lining.

I have also learnt through personal experience how time consuming it is contacting suppliers to only find they are not available for you wedding day  so that’s why I’m offering you our free 2019 calendar.

 Check out our availability for 2019.

XOXO Shauner