Flower Wedmin for Brides-to-Be

Wedding administration is easy… said no-one ever.

Even though I work within the wedding industry, I find myself with an increased heart rate trying to plan my own wedding. There’s so much to think of isn’t there! If you’ve not already, purchase a wedding planner; it’s going to help you contemplate the scope of the entire endeavour.

In the meantime, I’m going to utilise my knowledge of ‘flower wedmin’ and give you 10 simple steps to help alleviate your stress levels.

  • Step One - Discovering florists who specialise in weddings.

Search relevant hashtags in Instagram and base it on your location.
One of our favourites to use is #yorkshireflorist #southyorkshireflorist

Ask your friends and family for recommendations .

Attend wedding fairs and be sure to take pictures of the floral boutiques because you’ll become so overwhelmed you’ll forget everything you see.

  • Step Two – Researching the florists who will do your wedding flowers.

Spend some quality time researching florists and ‘get to know them’.

Find out: Who they are, where they offer their services and what makes them right for you.

We believe in establishing a relationship built on trust and equally, we want to like you and we want you to like us. After all, we work with you throughout the entire process - from the initial consultation right up to your wedding day. Deep down, I know you wouldn’t want to work with ‘just anybody’ would you?! I know that you want to choose a florist who you believe can encapsulate your vision and execute it perfectly.

Side note: It’s never too early to start gathering the contact information of florists in readiness for your enquiries.

  • Step Three – Preparation.

Time is of the essence so formulate a generic enquiry email to send to the florists whose ethos fits your vision.

Be sure to include as much detail as possible including potential dates, location, venue, floral requirements and any other information you wish to share.

  • Step Four – The enquiries.

This step can go one of two ways.

If you’ve sent your enquiries and none of your preferred florists are available on your wedding day - repeat steps one to three.

(To avoid this, we would advise you to make enquiries at least a year in advance to avoid disappointment. The most popular time to get married is on a weekend during the summer months - and - since there are only 52 weekends within the year and only 14 weekends of summer, availability is limited.)

If you’ve sent your enquiries and the florists are available on your wedding day you have a result!

Most florists will want to schedule an initial consultation with you so devise a list of the dates and times you are available over the forthcoming months.

To those whom aren’t social beings, the term “consultation” can seem a scary but don’t let it be. Consultations do not always have to be face-to-face. Consultations can be held over the phone or even via Skype.

In the first instance, Yves & Yaro offer a discovery call via Skype. It is just an informal chat to get to know you better and go through things in more detail.

  • Step Five - The consultation.

During the initial consultation you’ll discuss all the floral elements you require.

Particular attention will be paid to your design concept, personal style and your favourite flowers – of course!

Pictures are more telling than words so share your inspiration boards, fabric swatches, and pictures of attire. Most importantly, make sure to map out your vision, it is your wedding after all!

  • Step Six – The ‘other’ proposal.

So now you’ve talked about your flowery dreams, your florist will draft a proposal. Don’t worry, they won’t ask to marry you. Instead, they will produce an all-inclusive, itemised list of everything they plan to use to bring your vision to life.

Here’s what might be included:

·       Contact details from both parties

·       Date, time and location of your wedding ceremony and reception

·       A breakdown of costs per arrangement

·       VAT

·       Equipment hire cost

·       Set up fee

·       Delivery charge

·       Labour costs for any hired staff

·       Refreshments on the day

·       Total amount and deposit amount

·       Payment schedule

·       Cancellation policy

Side note: every florist works differently, and proposals will differ.

  • Step Seven- You have received your proposal so now what?

Make sure to read it thoroughly and voice your concerns (if any). It is the perfect time to make changes to your budget, to the logistics or any design element. Don’t forget to ask if there are any hidden charges as some may add these to your final invoice.

  • Step Eight  - Choosing ‘the one’.

Deciding which florist to work with for your wedding day can be difficult but go with your gut. Their proposal should help you with this.

Which one speaks to you and helps you envisage your vision and executes it perfectly?

  • Step Nine – Signed and Sealed.

You’ve made your decision and chose who you want to do your wedding flowers – yay! Go and let them know and be sure email back all the other florists and thank them for their time.

Your preferred floral will now make your proposal into a formal contract that requires your signature.  You don’t have to sign it straight away so take time to look over it and make any final revisions before you commit.

With that being said, you have to remember that there are only a limited number of days in the year where florists can offer their services (and we all know these are predominately over the weekend). Therefore, it is important to make your decision in a timely manner otherwise your top choice florist could book out another wedding and you’ll be back to square one.

  • Step Ten – Payment.

Make your deposits and schedule reminders for additional payments that are required as they reserve the right to levy additional charges for late payment.

Wedding flowers are one of your largest expenses and main décor elements so be sure to do your research and get a fantastic florist for your wedding day.  

If you feel inspired to work with us please contact us and let us help you in creating floral elements that you will treasure for the rest of your life.