Essential questions to ask your wedding florist before you book them!

Choosing ‘the one’.

Deciding which florist to work with for your wedding day can be difficult but go with your gut.

Which one speaks out to you?
Which one encapsulates your vision and executes it perfectly?

To help inform your MAJOR decision, we’ve created 8 questions that every ‘to-be weds’ should ask.

The colour palate

Can you advise on our colour palate design?
Can you work in conjunction with our colour palate?

A good florist will know about the theory of colour. They will be confident about colour pairing and palettes and, know how to use colour to create harmonious floral elements.

They can advise on complimentary colours, analogous colours, triadic, tetradic and monochromatic colours.

The seasonal flowers

Are the flowers we want for our wedding in season?
Which flowers are in season when we get married?

If you want to focus on sourcing naturally charismatic, beautiful British flowers for your wedding and, if you want to make the planet greener, reduce emissions and support flower farmers - ask your florist if they locally source their flowers and foliage and if so, what is available to you. Get your free copy of our seasonal flower guide NOW.

The flower types

What flowers do you think will suit our style?
Can you suggest any alternate flowers?

Believe it or not but florists are enriched with knowledge of flowers so take advantage!

The budget

How much should we budget for our wedding flowers?
Can you work within our budget?

Be aware that most wedding florists set a minimum spend so you need to know what this is in the first instance.

Talk openly and honestly with your florist about what your budget is too. The flowers you may want to have may actually be very expensive so ask your florist for advice and consider compromising your ‘dream’ flower for something more cost effective.

The wedding day

How many other weddings do you have on our wedding day?
Are we exclusive clients?

Some wedding florists work with multiple clients on one day which limits their service available to you. Others pride themselves on providing a full florist service to all their clients and therefore only commit to one wedding per day. Make sure you discuss your needs to ensure that they can be fulfilled.

The collaboration   

Will you make contact with our wedding co-ordinator to discuss their policies and procedures?
Is that our responsibility to inform you?

Ideally, you want a florist who communicates directly with the wedding co-ordinator to ensure that the policies and procedures are adhered to.

You may think your initial floral plans are okay but in fact they interfere with their policies. It’s stress you could do without on your wedding day!

The services

What do your services include?
Do we have to pay for your additional services?

You need to be aware of the service they provide as it may incur additional costs which you will need to budget for.

Ask your wedding florist to provide an all-inclusive, itemised list of everything they plan to use and do, to bring your vision to life.  

Ask about:

·     Flower cost

·     Sundry costs

·     Equipment hire costs

·     Design fee; preparation, handling, styling and storing.

·     Set-up fee

·     Labour

·     Delivery

·     Breakdown and cleaning fee

·     Other expenses; on the day refreshments, accommodation, car parking, toll booths.

·     VAT

The hard goods, the soft goods

Do you have any other products available to hire that can help bring our vision to life?
What styling products do you think will complement our floral elements?

In addition to your live goods, your wedding florist may hire out other primitive components; china, glassware, flatware, vessels, containers, linens, ribbons and fabrics.

This can help simplify your planning process as your vision can be achieved by one industry specialist.

The venue

Have you worked at our venue before?
What suggestions do you have for this venue?

If they have provided their services at your chosen wedding venue before, they will have knowledge on the size, shape and colour palate within the venue which can be of benefit during your discussions. However, if they haven’t, invite them for a site visit so they can note any limitations and offer their suggestions moving forward.


I think the majority would vote that their initial question would be ‘can I see pictures of your work’. And, whilst your thinking ‘oh yeah I’ve nailed it’, we’re over here thinking ‘are you joking?’.

Social media platforms today are HUGE and almost every living human is signed up to one. (Don’t quote me on this, i’m being hypothetical) But, I am pretty confident that anyone running their own business will indeed have a social media account.

So, before you even have an initial meeting with a florist, we want to offer our top tip to save you time…

Found out: Who they are, where they offer their services and what makes them right for you.

Remember, you are not just choosing your florist, your florist is also choosing if they want to work with you.

We believe in establishing a relationship built on trust and equally, we want to like you and we want you to like us. After all, we work with you throughout the entire process - from the initial consultation right up to your wedding day. Deep down, I know you wouldn’t want to work with ‘just anybody’ would you?! I know we wouldn’t.



Photography by: Arabella Smith