The true cost of wedding flowers

One of Googles most searched questions by brides is…
“Why are wedding flowers so expensive?”
Hands up if you’re guilty!
I knew it!

Raise your hand again if you think that as soon as the word ‘wedding’ is mentioned, prices for anything wedding related automatically double?
I can imagine that most, if not all hands were raised.

To put it bluntly, it is a major misconception.

As florists, we try not to offer unrealistic prices because we actually do need your bookings! It’s our livelihood after all and we wouldn’t want to scare you off! So, if you are struggling to understand exactly why flowers cost what they do – keep reading.


The first reason why wedding flowers can cost so much.

 The cost of flowers isn’t necessarily inflated because it is for your ‘wedding’.

Wedding florists become limited to the number of days where they can offer their services. We know that the most desirable time to get married is on a weekend during the summer months – and – since there are only 52 weekends within the year and only 14 weekends of summer, they can receive a number of enquiries for one specific dates. Therefore, it is essential that they set a minimum spend or take on higher budget clients.

 The second reason why wedding flowers can cost so much.

The journey to finding a florist whose ethos fits your vision can be tiresome, so make sure to read our Flower Wedmin blog to help alleviate your stress levels.


Theoretically speaking, lets’ say you’ve discovered a number of florists whom you’d like to consider doing your wedding flowers. You’ve sent your enquiry and to your success, they are available on your wedding day! You’ve had your consultation and you’ve now received their quote.  

Be sure to ask if there are any hidden costs as some may add these to your final invoice which can considerably bump up your costs.

The third reason why wedding flowers can cost so much.

The flowers you want to have may actually be very expensive. So, ask your florist for advice and consider compromising your ‘dream’ flower for something more cost effective - especially if you have a £500 budget!

Oh and that being said, tell your florist what your budget is too. It isn’t fair on them if you don’t book them because you thought they were too expensive! If you like them and their ideas, give them a chance!

The forth reason why wedding flowers can cost so much.

A florist is not just someone who just throws a bunch of flowers together, they bloody graft! But, unless you learn about it, I suppose you will struggle to understand why flowers cost what they do.

Within your quotes, expect your costing to include: 

  • Flower cost

  • Sundry costs

  • Equipment hire costs

  • Design fee; preparation, handling, styling and storing.

  • Set-up fee

  • Labour

  • Delivery

  • Breakdown and cleaning fee

  • Other expenses; on the day refreshments, accommodation, car parking, toll booths.

  • VAT

The pricing that you receive from your desired florists can fluctuate and here is why…

  • We all have different qualifications, skills, abilities and experiences that set us apart.

  • We source our flowers and materials from different suppliers.

  • Some have overheads.

  • Some are online based.

  • And most importantly, we all use different business strategies

But, we thought you might find it useful to have a general idea of floral costings.


Hand-tied bridal bouquets using small, meadow like flowers and foliage start from around £80.
If you start to incorporate roses and peonies for example, you can pay anything up to £160.

Bridesmaids tend to be a smaller version of the bridal bouquet so deduct £30 from the cost of the bridal bouquet.
If you add fancy ribbons or embellishments, the base price will go up.

Boutonnieres and corsages can go for as little as £4.00 up to £20 each depending on the floral ingredients. Generally, allow £10 for boutonnieres and £15 for corsages.



The costing for an archway can differ considerably because of the logistics to the design. Some church archways have nooks and nails we can hang blooms from, but, some don’t and therefore may require a free-standing arch.

Using cost-effective flowers foliage you are looking at a minimum of £400 for a church archway, and a free standing one at £600 minimum. If you prefer a floor to floor archway with blooms such as peonies and hydrangeas, the cost can be around £1250 minimum.

Pew ends are essentially a hand-tied bouquet so based on this, they shouldn’t be as cheap as what people try to get them for. You should average around £40 for each but if you choose more cost effective flowers and foliage, they start from around £15.

An alter urn arrangement can be seen starting from £160. Compliment with roses, hydrangeas, scented stocks, and sprawling foliage you can be looking at anything up to £275.



Small flower-full table centre pieces with hire of vessel from £35
Medium flower-full table centre pieces with hire of vessel from £85
Large flower-full table centre pieces with hire of vessel from £135
Mixed bus vases from £40 per table.
Tall flower-full candelabra from £150 plus additional hire charge. You need to realise that there are lots of flowers used to fill a candelabra.

The costs of table centre pieces will all depend on the floral ingredients you desire. Pricing can be deducted if you are using more foliage.


To help you budget ask your florist…

…to use seasonal flowers. They are more widely available and therefore more cost effective. That being said, it doesn’t mean that they are cheap. Roses cost approximately £3.00 per stem – that’s the wholesale cost to us – the florist and we have to buy flowers in minimum quantities of around 12 stems. So before we even begin to factor in profit, labour, design fee etc we have already spent £43.20. (£3.00 x 12 + VAT) You can easily see why flowers are so expensive.

… if they can move arrangements from the ceremony to your reception so you get the most for your money. You want a florist who will work with you on your special day and we pride ourselves on only committing to one wedding per day which means we can move things around for you.  

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Let us know if you thought flowers cost more or less than what you thought?

Image credit: Jada Poon
Inspiration: Jay Archer